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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2020 7:15pm-7:31pm CET

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recent procreation of trust in public on the far right into. the next step business news that we've got hot alphas for the whole world news at the top of a good. thing we're forced into a nameless mass. their bodies near jewels one. of the slave trade is africa's history. just greed for power in traffic plummeted an entire continent into chaos and violence. this is the journey
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back into the history of slavery. i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on d w. 0 delivers his 2nd state of the nation speech last year he promised south africans to clean up ask get $100000000000.00 of investment into the country and slash unemployment as he delivered. that advice fails to profit from boeing 737 prices and books an oddly loss for 2019 people and 6000000000 euro corruption penalty has finally hit the bottom pod bottom line hot and yellow. a sense of
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bribery keep coming. this is business africa update on african and global business affairs on the double welcome and we start in the south africa where several ramaphosa addressed the nation today in his annual state of the nation speech has been in power for 2 years expectational were high after a period of stagnation under his predecessor who led south africa into a deep crisis in his state of the nation speech one year ago pose a promise a lot he pledged to restructure and clean up the state owned power utility eskom energy supplies i have africa is notoriously unreliable not much has changed and to boost the economy iraq pose a promised to attract investments of 100000000000 u.s. dollars but how exactly intended to achieve that he left unclear investment should have also helped run unemployment but that still stands as at a staggering 28 percent with no improvement inside
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a particularly tricky issue is land reform pose a promise to new laws to this process of land almost without compensation today many south africans are skeptical about the achievements of the president so far our correspondent adrian krishna took the temperature in cape town. tuesday afternoon in cape town the celebrations 30 years after the release of nelson mandela with the last big public appearance for presidents to iran of course are even here the celebrations were overshadowed by the mess of challenges off the country. this ain't over the corner i mean the high levels of unemployment the social norms wreaking come home in our communities this shameful to move women and girls this thanks for adoption and love use of public funds have led to. trust deficit with our citizens.
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south africans are divided over strict records. i don't even need to question if he knows to look at the poor. educated look at. the unemployment look at the best he could know before the country. to question him well i think that he still has a moment to go he needs to go back to this i'm sick and tired of all this rainbow nation. propaganda being shoved down our throats when in reality. black south africans living extreme poverty and poverty and i think the state of the nation address is just going to be a continuation of serial showing us that he has no idea what he's doing every time is a new there's a new scandal is a new corruption charge he just smiles and says it's a new one coming and we're waiting for the new do and they do when you do and when
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president obama took office 2 years ago many people will see mystic that he would do things differently he openly analyzed the problems of the country and made promises to address them but still many people here haven't seen any drastic changes yet so they want to see facts and figures and for the president to walk his talk. from. the state of the nation economically speaking is pretty dire times of what he promised last year what does he deliver. well you know you did promise of a lot and mainly economically he was looking actually job creation and i had these 2 initiatives that he started out into implemented last year in 2019 they yes summits as well as the job summit is not a yes is that you can to him and service and they basically look at bringing together the youth the disadvantaged youth to get with the private sector in order
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for them to find ways to create work and create intentions and idea was to create about 300000 of those and i'm pushing you to only create about 25000 of those so it shows that they perhaps have an idea of add a good idea on how to do it and maybe the implementation part is where the needs to focus on to create more those jobs now the other problem of course is that he did mention that you wanted to grow the economy much faster than the population but unfortunately economy only grew at 1.3 percent meaning that most companies were struggling and most of these are small medium enterprise companies and therefore they have to close down and that is quite unfortunate but some of the things that you did do was to implemented the idea of bringing in licenses after companies in less than 6 months meaning it should take you just about one month for you to have a license and for you to operate here in south africa and one of the other good things that he did that everybody is talking about is the new appointment of the s.
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can see under director. slower from job thank you very much. us with bought it at a loss of almost one and a half 1000000000 euros for last year that's 2 to a massive fine the european air space company had to pay to settle a longstanding corruption investigation on the upside of us revenues did increase. in 2019 airbursts should have been well flying it hadn't posted a loss for a decade and boeing 737 max crisis saw the european company sought to become the world's biggest plane maker but instead sank to a disappointing annual loss the question is why. well for one thing problems delivering its a 400 m. military transport hit the company to the tune of 1200000000 euros it also struggled with production delays elsewhere but ever see exact speaking on thursday
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new the biggest factor driving their company into the red was a grave one corruption a small which final agreement with the french you can u.s. authorities is ordering investigations into airbus we have agreed to. $3600000000.00 euros gross interest in costs this is the price to pay to turn the page practices and move forward the practices go on for years referring to the bribing of public officials around the world in order to secure contracts airbus was accused of corrupt activity in at least 20 countries between 2004 and 2016 following a 4 year investigation it agreed to pay the fines approaching 4000000000 euros there may still have been smiles at airbus as results announcement on thursday after all if you ignore the fines the company was safely in the black last year but
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a scandal that once resulted in the resignation of your entire management team is a difficult thing to ignore. so corruption is costing us big and even though one case may be settled the story is not over embattled colombian flack area of young is also investigating its relationship with us and trust to determine if it had been involved in past wrongdoing on wednesday columbia's attorney general search the offices and said the search may also provide information for the pro studio and. how they will always talk about corrupt countries and how many of them happen to be in africa we rarely talk about companies actually pay these bribes my question is if huge company like us pays bribes lawyers and all that there's surely no if they get caught is going to be expensive they still pay them why well apparently they think that it's worth the risk ahead and it's important to remember
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that airlines have a very juicy position for manufacturers like air boards or boeing that are in an outright war to win over customers because once an airline settles for one or the other provider let's say it's basically. it's very likely that they will continue to buy from that same provider because switching for example from air was to boeing requires retraining pilots reprinting manuals rearranging facilities retraining technicians it's costs that airlines want to avoid so in this case even though we're seeing a short term consequence by the fall is that worse and it seems like in the long term it will still benefit airbus to have that client set forth so it might actually still pay off to pay bribes how widespread is corruption in the aviation industry what do you think i would say that it is quite a dirty industry we have seen different cases of bribes and corruption arrangements with governments with aviation authorities because airlines 1st of all are highly political many of them started as national carriers they are very important to the
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geopolitical strategy is of countries the industry is also very profitable an airplane a small one costs about $110000000.00 so just imagine what amounts we're talking about to get us thank you very much. cameroon has banned all food products from china because of the spread of the new coronavirus the covered 19 chinese authorities have yet to confirm if wild meats could be responsible for covert 19 but it's not the 1st time bush meat or game has been linked to an epidemic. of the bustling market of douala there's plenty of local bush meat for sale yet the meat often comes from protected species authorities of warned against eating ape meat since the bowl of pandemic in 2013 that's after suspicions that it could be a source of infection. this stallholder still sells game but he isn't worried about
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the meat hosting dangerous viruses. ask the government to tell us what the source of this virus is because here we sell meat to make a bit of cash to feed our families and i don't think there's any problem if there is the state should come and tell us who's affected what is it do you think it is. and officials say they're doing what they can to protect the country from the covert 1000 virus especially when it comes to checks the borders. with the. ministry of livestock and animal husbandry has taken precautions since the covered $1000.00 outbreaks stems from meat and fish markets in china we have taken steps to ensure that all food products from china such as meat and fish are suspended from entering cameroon. who more or less is. an outbreak would pose a huge challenge to the health system in cameroon and it's the same for many other
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african countries the stallholders here are continuing as usual after all meat from wild animals remains popular. and that's it from me and the business team here at the w. more business news and lots of background on our website. business also on facebook on twitter if you go over to the allstate 2 fold in africa. up next with updates on world markets at this hour thanks.
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to the point. clear positions international perspectives. is not known for disruptive politics but regional lection has the political earthquake that is shaking the christian democratic party to its foundations will be a 15 destroy man whose legacy find out onto the point. to point to the much damage done 60 minutes because.
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i'm not proud of my will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of the stick trying to show up. taking the stand globally that matters. this news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes mass mobilization in malawi thousands have taken to the streets demanding the country's election commission a. court upheld a ruling to cancel the results of last may's poll we'll get a report from in a long way. and will take you to a far east in can you know where women are earning a livelihood as a flight it's also saving the environment. then trying to keep your head.


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